There ain’t no free lunch

A wise old king charged his wise men to compile the ‘wisdom of the ages.’ After working so hard, they came up with 12 volumes. The king was impressed, knowing that the volumes contained the wisdom and knowledge he should be leaving as a legacy for mankind. However, he was sure the supposed beneficiaries wouldn’t read them because they were too voluminous, so he requested the wise men to condense their work. They compressed the 12 volumes to 1. Pressed further, they reduced the volume to a chapter, then to a paragraph, then finally to a sentence. When the old wise king saw the sentence, he was so elated! He exclaimed, “Gentlemen, this is truly the wisdom of the ages, as soon as all men everywhere learn this truth, then most of our problems will be solved.” The sentence was so short; it simply said, “There ain’t no free lunch.”



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