Egyir …Meaning, and how to say it right

Firstly, the name Egyir originates from the Akan people of Ghana and usually used by the Fante people within the Akans, and it is believed to mean “Leader” or someone who is determined, smart, wealthy and has hunger for knowledge.

Now, kindly note that EGYIR has 5 letters only; there is no A in it, and each letter occurs only once; no letter is repeated. Then, the E sounds like the one in edge or the ea in earth; the G sounds like the g in genuine or j in jury. The YI sounds like the e in evening or eat. And the R sounds like a shortened form or halfway through that of the r in room. Audio sample pronunciation coming soon.

Interestingly, when in school, and even till date, where the name has had to be given out for documents, most people immediately start writing beginning with the letter A, so we (my siblings and I, and later my children too) developed the habit of spelling it right after calling it out. And even then, by the time you get to R they would have hurriedly added another I at the back of R; hehehehehe!

I grew up only to notice that the ‘beginning-with-the-letter-A’ fate had befallen my birth certificate; I suspect my very meticulous daddy had given up correcting that.

One of my children’s baptismal certificate has gone for corrections 3 times; each time it came back with a different error in the name. It still remains pending; something I have to now follow up and get it fully corrected.

Admittedly there are other variations or similar names but certainly ours is EGYIR, and not anything else.

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