Cactus speaks. And it is shocking!

🌵 Yesterday, a guest asked… “So what is the symbolic meaning of this cactus plant on your desk?” Oooooo I was caught unawares; what if the symbolic, cultural or philosophical meaning was something evil? Oops! “I don’t know,” I said. “But lemme quickly find out” I added. And my, was I blown away or what?!

There are at least 8 very intriguing symbolic meanings the cactus plant signifies; including adaptability, resilience, endurance, protection, simplicity, and patience. What a beautiful coincidence; I subscribe to all those!

For a discussion of (or more information on) each of the 8 symbolic meanings of the cactus plant please click the “Full Article” button or link further below. 🌐

By the way, which of those qualities or symbolic meanings of the cactus plant would you consider the most significant?🤔

Peace and many blessings! ✌🙏

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You may click here to see the full article for a full discussion of each of the 8 symbolic meanings of the cactus plant.

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